Top Places Where To Stick Up Your Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup Dildos are considered to be the best dildos by many since not only are they firm and flexible, but they can be used hands-free as well. All you have to do is stick them on a surface, any surface you want, and then have fun. This ability to stick them anywhere ensures that you can get the desired angle you want. But where exactly can you stick these suction cup dildos so that it’s the most fun? If you can’t figure this out then you can try out these spots, but first:

Should you stick the dildo on a horizontal or vertical surface?

  • Vertical: On vertical places like walls you will be able to use the suction cup dildo in only two ways. You can use your ass with your back towards the dildo or you can straight up face the suction cup dildo. But the disadvantage of facing the toy is that unless the dildo is very long and flexible or unless it has an upward curve, you will have to bear quite a lot of pressure on your lower back. It’s not just your lower back, your knees will be affected too. But whether you are opting to use the dildo vaginally or anally, the position can be quite awkward. It will be even more so if you decide to put it lower on the wall as then your legs and feet will get in the way. Moreover, unless your suction cup dildo comes with a vibrator, you won’t be getting any clit stimulation out of a dildo entering you. This is unlike the handheld dildos where you will be able to control it all.
  • Horizontal: Sticking a suction cup dildo on any horizontal surface will give you more control for sure. You will be able to lean backward or forward without any kind of pressure on your lower back. The only issue with horizontal surfaces is that you might be able to get the needed height if you choose to stick it on the desk, chair, etc.

Places you can use your suction cup dildo

  • Shower wall: The most obvious place you can use it and it’s a great one too. Suction cup dildos are generally waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water damaging your toy. Showers and water are a turn on for many people. Moreover, there’s lots of water there which can act as lube. But if you are unsure of water acting as lube, then just carry the real thing in the bathroom. If the angle of the dildo matters to you then get one which is flexible so that the toy hits all the right spots for you.
  • Bathtub’s edge: This is a tricky one. It is for those who are a little bit more experienced. Here you will have to make sure to get the right height while you are straddling the bathtub. Otherwise, you will get in more than you will be ready for. Another thing you will need to use in this situation is a stool or a stack of towels/pillows. This will ensure that one of your knees isn’t higher than the other one. Overall, this is not a very comfortable place to use the dildo but if you are adventurous then maybe this will be a great one time try. But you will need to have upper body strength for this as well.
  • The Nightstand: Many people’s nightstand is just the correct height to give the kind of pleasure they are looking for. Stick the dildo on the top of the nightstand and use the corner of the nightstand as support to lean forward. You will have to edge the corner of the nightstand between your thighs to get a grip of course. An advantage here is that you will be able to use your hands to push your back against or from the nightstand. This ensures that you will be able to control the angle your dildo will be hitting you. But one issue with this will be the fact that the nightstand corner between your thighs can get annoying.
  • Wooden Chair: It has been specifically stated that its wooden because plastic chairs might get broken while you in the middle of it. This can not just take you out of the mood but seriously injure you as well. Chairs are great for both vaginal and anal penetration. You just have to get the dildo with the right length for you. Many people might not find chairs the best place to stick a dildo to as they can’t take the full length up their butts and neither can they increase the speed. Moreover, the small chair space can be restrictive and you might not even get the angle you want.
  • Smooth Mirror: You can, of course, use the regular everyday objects as your sturdy dildo mount. Mirrors can seem fragile and they are. So it’s recommended that you get a sturdy one with back support, none of those flimsy thin mirrors will work.
  • The floor: While many people like using the floor, but for others, it’s not so easy to use a dildo stuck to the floor. Many people need more elevation or the weight of their legs begins making the whole experience very uncomfortable. You can try using longer dildos but this will work only if you have a whole stack of pillows or perhaps a shelf to hold onto. Honestly, the floor is a good option if you have shorter thighs.
  • Bottom of the bathtub: This is another variant for sticking the dildo to the floor. The problem here is that you will have trouble thrusting but it will be pretty easy to clench. If your bathtub is slanted then it can improve the position. Using your dildo when the bathtub is filled with water might not be a great choice especially with the lube. But you can use water-based silicone lube to help you stay lubricated for a long time. Just make sure that you get the suction type to make sure that it really sticks. You can refer to lovegasm website for buying options.

You can use any of these places or you can try sticking it in any other place you like. It’s totally up to what you like and wants to try out.